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Choir Manager: Susan Steffick 724-228-7351

Section Leaders:

  • Soprano: Darlene Headley

  • Alto: Jean Marie Harding

  • Tenor: Todd Gower

  • Bass: Chris Decker


  • President: Lori Greene

  • Vice President: Frank Uram

  • Secretary: Karen Meighen

  • Treasurer: Larry Steffick

  • Marketing Director: Karen Neubauer

  • IT Manger: Bob Stark

  • Director: Parker Burroughs

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Kitty Fisher

Kitty Fisher received a Bachelor of Music Degree from West Virginia University and did graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland.

She is the former Choral director at McGuffey School District.

She has served as Music Director at Faith United Presbyterian Church since 2006.

Kitty was married to the late Rev. Dr. Roger Raymond Fischer and has three married children:

Roger 2nd (Marcia), Steven (Heather), and Katy Herold (John), and five grandchildren: Abby, Jack, Max, Eli and Zeke.

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